The greatest source of her artistry is the voice. Starting from a culture of popmusic she later on became more interested in jazz. At Sjöviks folkghögskola she was introduced to classical choral music and fell in love with all the details that kind of technique has to offer. The discovery of embodied sound in the choral world opened her eyes for swedish folksinging with a lot of similarities in the traditions. All of them are kept alive due to the folk/jazz project Den blomstertid nu somnar along side with studies in classical choral conducting. She is also soprano in Olaus Petri Vocalis based in Örebro, led by Mats Bertilsson. The choir has great merits with yearly Bach cantatas-collaborations with Drottningsholms barouque ensemble and two albums - Cry Out and Great Angelican Music.

Den blomstertid nu kommer, Lupino Live (november 2023)

 Email: linnealandstrom1@gmail.com
 Instagram: _linnealandstrom_